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Construction project in Genoa – Italy: a mind-dividing cable car scheme – News

Construction project in Genoa – Italy: a mind-dividing cable car scheme – News


The city of Genoa plans to deliver a new cable car to Forte Pegato for 40 million euros. The way to the mountain goes through a residential area – people are not enthusiastic there.

Supposed to be a new attraction, the cable car to Forte Begato, a 19th-century fortress above Genoa. Up to 800 people per hour will be transported from the sea directly to the mountain.

This is a new attraction for many cruise tourists, but the cable car is also a means of transport for local residents to the local recreation area, according to the Genoa city administration.


The castle was built between 1818 and 1831.

Wikimedia Commons / Pepperono

The cable car, two and a half kilometers long, runs over a part of the city, more precisely over the residential area of ​​Lajaccio. City plans are not well received by the residents of the area.

“I thought I lived in a quiet neighborhood. Instead, I would soon have an eco-monster in front of my house and on top of my head,” says Antia Jozzi of the citizens’ committee “Con i piedi per terra”. The Citizens Committee is fighting cable car construction.

Such a system would bring noise into the area, threaten safety and reduce the value of the houses – also because one of the cable car masts about 70 meters high is supposed to be in the center of the area.

Begato cable car project

High costs

But the cost of the project also causes dissatisfaction. 40 million euros are planned for this. The money for this comes from a supplementary fund for which the Italian state is responsible. Apart from that, according to city councilor Cristina Lodi, there are already funiculars in Genoa that you can use to go up.

One can use what is already there and create a communication system with shuttle buses.

Lodi believes one of these trails could now be expanded to take visitors to Forte Pegato. This is cheaper than building the planned new cable car: “Without much expense, you can use the existing car and create a connection system with shuttle buses.”

But such a study has not been carried out, there is no talk of expanding the cog railway and “there is clearly a political will to build only cable cars,” says Lodi.

Cable car as a new attraction of Genoa

Genoa city administration sees it differently. The cable car should increase the attractiveness of the city, says Vice-Mayor Pietro Picciocchi.

It will also become a Genoa trademark.

“Of course, it is not only for cruise passengers, but it will also become a trademark of Genoa,” he says. In addition, the cable car is a sustainable urban mobility system. “It is an infrastructure of the latest generation, partially self-sufficient in energy, which fits very well and is in tune with the context and, above all, very quiet,” says Piciocchi.

Despite the opposition, the city of Genoa wants to stick to its plans and start building the cable car at the end of summer or the beginning of fall. For its part, the Citizens Committee appealed to the regional court.