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Coach Vladimir Petkovic is supposed to leave the Swiss national team after his attacker

Coach Vladimir Petkovic is supposed to leave the Swiss national team after his attacker

Does Trainer Trauma Track EM Inversion? Vladimir Petkovic (57) seems to agree with Turkey’s top club Fenerbahce.

The basics in brief

  • Vladimir Petkovic could leave the Swiss national team after the World Cup.
  • According to Turkish media, he appears to be facing an obligation to Fenerbahce.
  • His contract as coach of the national team is valid until the 2022 World Cup.

Will Vladimir Petkovic’s reign with Nati come to an abrupt end after the euphoria of emerging markets? The 57-year-old must be loud Identical media reports From Turkey they reached an agreement with Fenerbahce Club Istanbul.

According to reports, he should have signed the contract with the 19-time Turkish champion after the round of 16 against France. It seems that the people in charge of the association did not do that with progress Switzerland calculated.

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The notice of completion could still come this week. Switzerland qualifies for the quarter-finals against Spain On Friday, the announcement must be made. Petkovic’s worksheet will continue in the national team until after the World Cup in December 2022.

Will Vladimir Petkovic leave the national team at its peak?

According to the media, Nati’s coach has personally negotiated with club president Ali Koç. The 54-year-old businessman is one of the richest Turks. Petkovic knows Turkish league Previously. From July 2011 to January 2012, he was on the sidelines at the Süper-Ligisten Samsunspor.

A change of Petkovic at this point seems entirely possible. He achieved something historic with a fantastic quarter-final. and with it Participate It has been upgraded to an unprecedented level.

Do you think the timing of Petkovic’s departure is logical?

The 57-year-old must take into account the number of times he’s been heavily criticized in the past few months and years. So now is the perfect time to leave the national team: when he’s at his best.

In addition, direct qualification for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar will be difficult. After all, with Italy you have an opponent in the group and he is in good shape.

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