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City Haltern Championship 2023: Day 1 of the Reserve Championship

City Haltern Championship 2023: Day 1 of the Reserve Championship

In the first match of Group B, Division D BW Lavesum II defeated Division C TuS Sythen II. © Jürgen Patzky

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Twelve games in one day: Football fans haven’t been offered so much in a single facility in Haltern for a long time, if not before. In the premiere of the second team’s city tournament on Saturday (July 15), all group matches (always 40 minutes) were played live.

In the end, the following constellation of the second day resulted: as first in Group A, the reserves of TuS Haltern am See meet host SV Lippramsdorf in the semi-finals. In the second semi-final, the second teams from Concordia Fleisheim (winning group B) and SV Bossendorf compete for a place in the final.

For TuS-Reserve, which is coached by Edin Saracevic, the group stage of the tournament marked its first appearance since December 2022 after the team was unregistered in the regional league in January. The newly formed squad, with some well-known players from the previous season such as Lukas Adelt and Justin Kupta, got to Saturday – just like the second Flashim – without conceding a goal.

Linus and Luka Sawi suddenly returned

With 7:0 goals and victories against SVB II, ETuS II and SV Hullern, the A-League team secured first place in their group. Two surprises in the TuS team played a big role in this: twins Linus and Luca Saewe, who moved to the United States on scholarships in the summer of 2021, scored a significant part of their team’s goals.

Justin Kupta (M.) and the second team of TuS Haltern won the first game against SV Hullern.© Jürgen Patzky

However, in a few weeks, the two will be towed back to the United States. From their teammates’ point of view, it’s certainly a shame this weekend – the two will certainly be good for the team in the A-League in the months ahead.

Linus Sauwe, one of them, also scored in the well-attended tournament opener. Meanwhile, in a 3-0 win over SV Holern, there was also the only sending off of the day. After Hullern’s Max Dieckmann fouled, he threw the ball past his opponent and saw the red color of it.

Libremsdorfer must go to the hospital

Overall, it was a quiet, peaceful tournament with few yellow cards other than that. For one player, the City Tournament ended prematurely even without a hard duel. Seemingly without outside influence, Niklas Hicks from Libremsdorf injured his knee and had to go to hospital from the sports ground.

Despite the defeat against Flaesheim II, his team could already be happy with the lead before the last game. Because it was clear: no matter how the last match in Group B between Concordia and Lavissum ends, only one of the two will be able to overtake LSV, as they are still ahead.

In the end the score was 0-0, meaning the blue whites missed out on the surprise of being in the semi-finals as a D-League team. The team of Ludwig Pachtmann and Mike Westrup played carefully and also won their first match against TuS Sythen II 1-0.

Day 1 of the Reserve City Championship

  • Tuus Haltern II – SV Holern 3: 0
  • TuS Sythen II – BW Lavesum II 0:1
  • ETuS Haltern II – SV Bossendorf II 0:2
  • Concordia Fleisheim 2 – SV Liberamsdorf 2 1: 0
  • TuS Haltern II – ETuS Haltern II 1:0
  • TuS Sythen II – Concordia Fleisheim II 0:2
  • SV Holern – SV Bossendorf II 0: 2
  • BW Lavesum II – SV Lippramsdorf II 0:2
  • SV Bossendorf II – TuS Haltern II 0:3
  • SV Liberamsdorf II – TuS Sethen II 3: 1
  • Etos Haltern II – SV Holern 0-0
  • Concordia Fleisheim II – BW Lavesum 0-0

Group A

1. TuS Haltern II 9 points

2. SV Bossendorf II, 6 points

3. Holders of ETuS II 1 point

4. SV Holern 1 point

Group B

1. Concordia Fleisheim, 7 points

2. SV Liberamsdorf, 6 points

3. BW Lavesum II 4 points

4. TuS Sythen II 0 points