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Cimino Rossi: A sad news official

Cimino Rossi: A sad news official

Cancellation due to storm warning – Fans are sad: ‘I was so happy’

On June 16, Semino Rossi posted sad news to his Facebook fans: Dear friends, I regret to inform you of this that the “Schlager Open Air 3.0″ in Rafflesbach on June 17 has to be postponed by the organizer for scheduling reasons”And According to the 61-year-old. He also wrote that an alternative date is currently being sought, but – perhaps to some fans’ chagrin – only for 2024. “I am very sorry to everyone who, like me, was looking forward to it,” The musician continues. He also explains: “The good news: I will be performing at ‘Schlager Open Air 2023’ in Hainfeld on July 1 (…) maybe we’ll see each other there.” But now the next bitter news: this event will not happen either:

Dear friends, I regret to inform you of this The ‘Schlager Open Air’ on Saturday 1 July 2023 in Hainfeld has been postponed due to the storm warning. safety first! I am so sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this as I was.

A small consolation: at least one replacement date has already been set: “I hope we will see each other on the alternate date of October 4, 2023 in Traisen,” he said. According to the 61-year-old. And this is also a ray of hope for his fans: “There really is an alternate history you can look forward to,” writes eg user. However, other fans are disappointed: “My dear, I was so happy. I am sad,” comment. post writes: “It’s a shame, I was so happy, but I think all the fans are.” But at least: the canceled is not postponed!

Source used: Facebook