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ChatGPT spreads such nonsense about Swiss personals

ChatGPT spreads such nonsense about Swiss personals

Former Federal Chancellor Christoph Blocher welcomes Federal Chancellor Albert Rosti in January 2023.Photo: Cornerstone


Microsoft wants to buy ChatGPT artificial intelligence developers for ten billion. But sometimes, a chatbot says things that you won’t pay for.

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Raffael Schuppisser / ch media

The ChatGPT chatbot is on everyone’s lips. Microsoft wants to acquire 49% of the OpenAI organization, which developed the robot, for ten billion dollars. The tech giant wants to be ahead of the competition for the best artificial intelligence (AI). And also significantly improve its own Bing search engine, which is currently rarely used.

Unlike a traditional search engine, ChatGPT does not just fetch links, it generates the most accurate possible answer to the question itself. For this purpose, the program has been fed practically the entire Internet, with Wikipedia articles, digital book collections and many other textual sources.

With this content, the AI ​​learns about language patterns and structures. If you now give the chatbot a word, it can use statistical correlations to predict with a very high degree of probability what the next word should be. Our 10 examples show that sometimes strange results can appear and even fake news is generated. We asked the chatbot about the following Swiss personalities:

  • 1. Who is Christoph Blocher?
  • 2. Who is Albert Rusty?
  • 3. Who is Mark Walder?
  • 4. Who is Jan Sommer?
  • 5. Who is Jolanda Neff?
  • 6. Who is Viola Amherd?
  • 7. Who is Elisabeth Baum Schneider?
  • 8. Who is Peter Stam?
  • 9. Who is Roger Schawinski?
  • Bonus: Who Invented Radio 1?

Who is Christoph Blocher?


Christoph Blücher is a Swiss politician and businessman. He was a member of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and was a member of the Swiss Federal Council from 2003 to 2007. Blücher is also a well-known critic of the European Union and has called for greater independence for Switzerland from the EU.”

Aha, we didn’t notice that Blocher left the senior vice president. It is not easy to understand how artificial intelligence came to this. It might be a language problem. When creating the text, the past tense of the verb “to be” was used instead of the present tense.

Who is Albert Rosti?


Albert Rosti is a Swiss politician and member of the SVP (Swiss People’s Party). He is the son of former Federal Chancellor Christoph Blocher.

interesting. These family relationships were not previously known. Magdalena’s secret brother? How did the error happen? It’s hard to say. Apparently, in texts available to Amnesty International, Albert Rosti often appears closely related to Christoph Blocher, and is often referred to as the “Father of the First Vice President”, “Father in Chief” or “Party Chief”.. Perhaps Ai understood precisely these terms and made Albert Rosti his son.

Who is Mark Walder?


“I cannot find any information that there is a known person named Mark Walder in the public domain. There are many people by that name but it is impossible to know if the person you are considering is one of them. Could you provide more information so that I can assist you more properly better? “

There is hardly anyone in Switzerland who does not think of the CEO of Ringier when they hear the name Mark Walder – especially now. Ringier boss is not very well known to ChatGPT. After all, he asked, and soon information came:

Mark Walder is a Swiss media entrepreneur and CEO of Ringier AG, one of the largest media companies in Switzerland. He has led the company since 2007 and has grown it significantly over that time.”

Unfortunately again not quite true. According to Walder’s Linkedin profile, he has been CEO of Ringier Switzerland and Germany since 2008 and CEO of the entire Ringier Group since 2012. It should also be stated that he has “managed the company since 2008” (not “managed”).

Who is Jan Sommer?


“Jan Sommer is a Swiss football goalkeeper. He currently plays for FC Basel and the Swiss national team. He has played for the club since 2011 and won several league titles. He also made his first appearance with the national team since 2011 and participated in the 2018 World Cup.”

It has just been announced that Jan Sommer has moved from Borussia Mönchengladbach to Bayern Munich. ChatGPT is now reporting a major transformation: he’s back at FC Basel! Of course this is nonsense. Amnesty International should know that Sommer has been playing for Gladbach since 2014, especially since it also knows that he participated in the 2018 World Cup. However, it cannot report the change to Bavaria, as its information is up to date in 2021. It cannot access the data. current online.

Who is Jolanda Neff?


“Jolanda Neff is a former professional cross-country and road cyclist from Switzerland. She has won multiple cross-country mountain biking world championship titles and is considered one of the most successful mountain bikers of all time. Jolanda Neff ended her career in 2021.”

Another false resignation! Of course, Neff isn’t done with her career yet. This time the error cannot be explained on a linguistic level – as is the case with Christoph Blücher. No idea where the AI ​​got the wrong information from.

Jolanda Neff of Switzerland, third, crosses the finish line of the Women's UCI Cross Country Mountain Bike World Cup, XCO, on Sunday, Sept. 4, 2022, in Val di Sole, Italy.  (Cornerstone / Maxim Schmid)

Jolanda Neff, 2022.Archive photo: Cornerstone

Who is Viola Amherd?


Viola Amherd is a Swiss politician and member of the Christian Democratic People’s Party. She has been a member of the Federal Council since 2018 and head of the Federal Ministry of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport since 2019.”

It seems that AI has not yet noticed CVP’s ​​name change to the middle. The Christian Democratic People’s Party never existed. CVP stands for Christian Democratic People’s Party. And the AI ​​is not very familiar with female forms either, otherwise it would call Amherd Chief, not Chief.

Who is Elisabeth Baum Schneider?


“I did not find any information that there was a known person named Elisabeth Boehm Schneider. There are people with this name, but it is not known whether they are active in the public sphere or not.

This double name is very rare. Since Bohm Schneider has just been elected a member of the Federal Council, the artificial intelligence has not yet been trained on the relevant data. Knowledge of artificial intelligence ends in 2021. However, the double name is very rare, so it is surprising that the chatbot did not associate it with the politician who sat in the Council of States and the Council of Government of the canton of Jura. The fact that the AI ​​can’t do anything with that name is shown by the fact that it doesn’t ask questions like it did with Mark Walder, who he can’t initially set either.

Federal Chancellor Elisabeth Böhm-Schneider in an Ajoie jersey, center, stands with Postfinance Einlaufkids before the National Ice Hockey League playoffs between HC Ajoie and HC A ...

Elisabeth Boehm-Schneider with junior ice hockey.Photo: Cornerstone

This example shows that ChatGPT’s strength lies not in finding information on the Internet, like a Google search engine, but in generating its own semantically correct and reasonable answers.

Who is Peter Stam?


Peter Stamm is a Swiss writer. He has published many novels and short stories and won many prizes and prizes for his literary work. Some of his most famous works are Agnes, Under the Ice, and In Foreign Gardens. He has been nominated several times for his work and has won the German Book Prize, among others. He is considered one of the most important contemporary Swiss authors and his works have been translated into many languages ​​».

Wrong, Peter Stamm never got the German Book Prize. Only Melinda Nag Appongi and Kim De La Horizon have it from Switzerland. Amnesty International confuses the German language with the Swiss Book Prize, which Stam won in 2018.

TO KEYSTONE SDA CULTURE SUMMER SERIES "  Places of inspiration "  We offer you the following images for today's text about Peter Stamm - Author Peter Stamm was photographed ...

Peter Stamm, 2018.Archive image: KEYSTONE

Who is Roger Schawinsky?


Roger Schawinski is a Swiss media entrepreneur, journalist and author. He is known as the founder and former managing director of the radio station Energy and presenter of the TV show “Schawinski” on SRF 1. He has also written many books and been heard and seen as an expert in various media.

Roger Schawinski did a lot – for example, he founded the first private radio station with Radio 24 and the first private television station in Switzerland with TeleZüri. However, he is not the founder of the energy radio station nor is it its managing director. Fake news!

This is where the danger of chat software like ChatGPT comes in again. Since they not only cite sources but generate answers to questions themselves with the help of artificial intelligence, misinformation can emerge unintentionally.

The more artificial intelligence is integrated into web searches and provides canned answers rather than links to sources, the higher the risk of being caught by fake news. There is much to suggest that search engines will increasingly become chatbots in the coming years. The trend is harmless.

Bonus: Who Invented Radio 1?


Radio 1 is a radio station run by the British Broadcasting Corporation. It was established in 1967 to provide the British Broadcasting Corporation with a young and modern program that appeals to the target group of young people. It was part of the BBC radio stations that were formed to counter competition emerging from commercial radio stations. It was founded by the BBC and was not invented by any particular person.”

Uh. Thanks. Hence Roger Schawinski claimed: “S esch mini idea gsi”.

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