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Castle Bonus for Black Friday 2023

Castle Bonus for Black Friday 2023

LEGO has released a new bonus for subscribers for Black Friday 2023 that will make the hearts of all Classic Castle fans beat faster! The Little Gray Castle comes with four Falcon Knight and Woodland minifigures.

LEGO Insiders Weekend has been extended to this Monday, but also on Black Friday promotion page Something is happening, because in addition to the already known bonuses and freebies, the Little Knight’s Gray Castle has now been confirmed with official images, which you can redeem for your LEGO Insiders points on Black Friday.

Lego gray castle

As of today, LEGO 5008074 Gray Castle has been added to the list of upcoming LEGO Insiders rewards. A small group Microscale is recreating a gray castle for Black Friday Expected on Friday, November 24th will be available. The set is not available for purchase, but can only be purchased for purchase 2,400 LEGO Insider Points In the LEGO Rewards Centre Exchange what Equivalent to 16 euros corresponds. LEGO itself sets the value at €23.99.

LEGO 5008074 Gray Castle Micro Night Black Friday 2023

The mini castle is based on the LEGOLAND Castle set, specifically the 6073 mini castle from 1984, the Falcon Knight Castle, which is particularly recognizable by its red archway. Green flags and a black drawbridge also arrived on the miniature replica. It looks like you can also unlock the LEGO Insiders reward for taking a look at the castle courtyard. LEGO hasn’t provided a number of parts yet, but they are estimating them About 100 pieces.

Highlights are the falcon knight’s two armor Four microscopic numbers, and are the first to implement Falcon Knights and Forestmen (two each) at this scale. The Falcon Knight is based on a dark blue commemorative figure while the Ranger is based on a sand green commemorative figure. 5005358 Minifigure Factory from 2018 also includes several LEGO minifigures, but none from a knight-themed world.

LEGO 5008074 Gray Castle Micro Night Black Friday 2023 Figures

We can imagine that Gray Castle will be very popular as a LEGO Insiders Black Friday reward and could sell out quickly. As always with rewards available in the LEGO Online Store, you can get them through the LEGO Store Reward Center Redeem points and then use the code on a future order. The Black Friday 2023 campaign begins at midnight, and provided the LEGO Online Store participates, rewards can be secured from now on.

How do you like Little Castle and Little Castle characters? Are you looking to claim the LEGO Insiders Bonus for Black Friday 2023? Feel free to write your thoughts about the new model in the comments!

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