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Can't be found - Holland Ihattaren's talent disappeared

Can’t be found – Holland Ihattaren’s talent disappeared

Mehmet Itarin moved from Eindhoven to Italy to Juventus in the summer. But now the Dutchman cannot be found – no one knows where the 19-year-old is.

The basics in brief

  • Mohamed Tahatrine is considered a great talent and signed with Juventus in the summer.
  • The troublemaker is currently on loan to Sampdoria and has been gone for days.

Muhammad was anxious in the youth of b iPhone PS in Eindhoven Dutch Champion and European Under-17 Champion. At the age of 16 he jumped to the Eindhoven Professionals. Since then, he has played 74 matches there and collected 21 points as the top scorer.

Transfer to Juventus followed by loan change

Last summer, the 19-year-old took the next step: Ihtarin joined Juventus Turin. The “old lady” gives the young man one season for his competitors in the league Sampdoria Genoa. Only: The Dutchman is now missing there – Ihattaren has been away for days.

Since October 12, the young man has not appeared in his club, as the newspaper “Gazzetta dello Sport” wrote. At that time, the Dutchman returned home for family reasons. where Sampdoria hat He never heard anything more from the lender.

It is not entirely clear where it is 19 years currently existing. He is currently not with his family in Utrecht.

Ihattaren is a problem footballer

Ihattaren has always been considered more difficult kickerwho sometimes lacks discipline. So it fits with the image in which he appeared to be overweight at the start of training in Genoa. Even after that, he should not have focused on football: Ihtarin often traveled to friends in Milan or Monte Carlo.

As a result, he is 19 years old league You haven’t played a minute. After recent events, it seems doubtful whether this will change in the future.

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