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British schools are considering introducing a three-day week

British schools are considering introducing a three-day week

In view of the energy crisis and planned pay rises for teachers, British schools are considering introducing a four- or three-day week.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Many schools in England start the new school year on tight budgets.
  • The energy crisis and rising wages are exacerbating financial inequality.
  • As a result, educational institutions are considering introducing three or four days a week.

Summer vacation season is over Teaching in schools starts again. Headmasters in Great Britain may not have enjoyed the summer, however: a looming one EnergyThe crunch for teachers and pay rises are putting massive pressure on budgets – so even three or four days a week is being debated.

The British “Telegraph” reported that schools across the country held “crisis meetings” during the summer holidays.

Did you enjoy going to school?

The already tense financial situation of educational institutions will be further burdened by the wage hikes scheduled for September 2022. In addition, energy costs are expected to increase by 300 per cent in some parts of the UK.

School days are at risk of being shortened

As a result, school days may be shortened or canceled altogether. In addition, there will be Discontinuation of additional classes And other events are possible.

If a shortened school week isn’t already planned, some schools will certainly consider it, Dr. Robin Bevan opposite the newspaper. He is the Headmaster of Southend High School in Essex.

His school is forced to draw on its reserves to keep going. When revenue increases by £300,000, utility costs are expected to increase by £200,000. In addition, wage costs will be £70,000 higher, and school support staff will need to spend £40,000 more.

“Gloomy future” for British schools

“Costs are rising much faster than the budget,” Bevan continues. “The prospect of a mere 0.5 per cent increase in revenue in 2023/24 makes the future look bleak.”

Financial pressure on schools has been high for years. So they went down Meaning for a student nine per cent in real terms between 2010 and 2020 in the UK. Englishman Government It now wants to increase the school budget by an extra £7 billion by 2024.

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