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British postal workers are on strike for a major pay rise

Icon photo: Freepik/Irenmiller

London: England’s Crown Post Office workers walk out in support of demand for higher pay. The Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) has rejected the Post Office’s offer of a 3 per cent pay rise and a £500 (€590) one-off payment. This is much lower than the current inflation rate of 9 percent.

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Fury said on Monday that management had repeatedly deliberately failed to make a fair offer.

Only about 1 percent of all post offices in England are Crown Post Offices. Unlike most post offices, they are still run directly by the Post Office and are usually located on major shopping streets. From 2013 to 2021, their number halved to 118, and now stands at 114, according to the CWU.

The strike will affect 57 post offices, the agency said. On Thursday, employees in supply chains and management also want to go on strike. According to the CWU, this will also affect branches. The company disagreed.

Strikes are threatened or already announced in many sectors in Great Britain. The reasons are exploding energy costs and massive inflation combined with rising taxes and borrowing costs.