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British minister: Billion dollar contracts for submarine development

British minister: Billion dollar contracts for submarine development

Development of the new submarine is expected to bring British industrial contracts worth billions. British Defense Secretary Grant Shabbs on Sunday announced details of a long-planned arms deal between the United States, Great Britain and Australia. Together they want to equip Australia with nuclear-powered submarines to strengthen their defense alliance in the Indo-Pacific region. In the long term, a new submarine model will also be developed.

“Today I can announce that we have signed contracts worth four billion pounds (4.5 billion Swiss francs) with leading British companies to develop the most powerful combat submarines the Royal Navy has ever used.” In Manchester. Shops said thousands of skilled jobs would be supported in the UK thanks to deals with defense firm BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce and Babcock Marine.

The United States, Great Britain and Australia launched a defense alliance called Aukus two years ago. The name comes from the English abbreviations of the three countries. In March they presented a schedule for the submarine program. From 2027, US and Great Britain submarines will be stationed in Australia on a rotational basis, it was said at the time.

In the long term, the three countries want to eventually develop and produce a new submarine model. It will initially be built in Great Britain from the late 2030s and in Australia from the 2040s.