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British Home Secretary questions UN Refugee Convention

British Home Secretary questions UN Refugee Convention

Britain’s Conservative Home Secretary Suella Braverman has questioned the United Nations refugee convention. As the 43-year-old visited a think-tank in the United States on Tuesday, the 43-year-old pondered whether the way it was interpreted by the convention and the courts was still relevant “to our modern times”.

“Let me be clear: There are large parts of the world where it’s very difficult to be gay or female,” Braverman said during a visit to the American Enterprise Institute.

Where individuals are persecuted, it is right to protect them. “But it’s enough if you’re gay or a woman and we can’t maintain an asylum system for fear of discrimination in your own country to seek protection.”

The Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951 was a cornerstone of international humanitarian cooperation. It guarantees people who are persecuted in their country because of their religious or political beliefs. People should not be returned to places where their lives and freedoms are threatened.

Braverman takes a hard line against immigrants. A new British law makes it possible to immediately detain migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats to the British Isles. People should be deported to their home country or to a third country without the opportunity to apply for asylum. Critics call for the abolition of asylum.

At the government’s discretion, migrants can be sent to Rwanda, among other places, regardless of their place of origin. However, a deal already struck with the East African country remains on hold due to a legal dispute.