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Britain sends destroyers to the Black Sea

Great Britain wants to send two warships into the Black Sea. Newspaper “Sunday Times” report. This is the question that supports NATO ally Ukraine.

The UK government will be in May Ukraine And Russia Warships Drive through the Phosphorus Strait. The British newspaper “Sunday Times” quoted top naval officials as saying.

The country wanted to prove its solidarity with Ukraine and its NATO allies. Armed with anti-aircraft missiles, a Type 45 destroyer and a Type 23 warship for submarine defense will leave the Royal Navy Carrier Group in the Mediterranean and sail into the Black Sea via the Phosphorus. The United States canceled a similar plan after Russian protests.

Tensions with Russia

The background is the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Troops have been on the Russian side of the border. Its partner country is Ukraine Myato, but not a member.

Ukraine, meanwhile, is seeking further assurances from the German central government. “On the one hand, we expect the German government to issue a blunt public warning to President Putin and explain clearly all the painful consequences of a new military invasion,” said Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrzej Melnik. “We are on Zondak” ahead of a video conference of EU foreign ministers on Monday.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this text stated that Ukraine was a member of NATO. not like that. Please forgive the mistake.