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Boris Johnson’s confidant resigns and scolds Rishi Sunak

Boris Johnson’s confidant resigns and scolds Rishi Sunak

MP Nadine Dorries wrote to the X News Service on Saturday evening that she had tendered her resignation, a move Dorries had announced weeks earlier. He has criticized the announcement for not making it a reality so far. His resignation reflects the inner turmoil of the conservative Tories.

The former culture minister took the opportunity to settle scores with current party and government leader Sunak. He accused her of campaigning against him. “Clearly orchestrated and almost daily personal attacks demonstrate the deplorable state your government has reached.”

He wrote this in a letter published by the Daily Mail newspaper. He also criticized other aspects. “Since you took office a year ago, the country has been ruled by a zombie parliament, and nothing meaningful has happened.”

Amid poor poll numbers, the British Conservatives now face another by-election in the Tories’ seat of Mid Bedfordshire.

A few weeks ago, Tories accused Sunak of blocking his planned appointment to the House of Lords for life. She herself was badly condemned.

Along with others, he has criticized a panel’s investigations into the “Partigate” issue and has insulted the panel as a “kangaroo court”. The accused had also spoken of a “witch hunt” against Johnson.