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Boeing Business Jet: Boeing offers the 737 MAX business jet with turnkey cabin designs

Boeing Business Jet: Boeing offers the 737 MAX business jet with turnkey cabin designs

Units rather than individual flaunts. Boeing is now offering prefabricated cabin designs for its 737 MAX 7 business jet model. This is intended to offer two benefits to customers.

Extravagance knows hardly any bounds. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is said to have outfitted his private Boeing 747 jet with a golden throne.

A Middle Eastern businessman commissioned Parisian design firm Cabinet Alberto Pinto to design the interior of his 747-8 BBJ. It took the French a whopping four years to develop and implement their plans. The client’s only requirement was that the interior design should be luxurious, simple and functional. The result is a flying palace with halls, bedrooms and bathrooms.

144 possibilities

Now Boeing is showing that things don’t always have to be more exclusive with a new offering: BBJ Select. Interested parties can put together their own personal cabin design with a wide range of ready-made cabin layouts and configurations. This will speed up the delivery process and reduce costs, according to Boeing’s business jet division. Offer is available for Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft.

Boeing offers 144 modular cabin combinations in three different color palettes, covering a wide range of private, commercial and government aircraft requirements. Options range from guest rooms and private offices to family rooms and VIP seating configurations. The aircraft manufacturer is working with Aloft Aero Architects and Greenpoint Technologies on the proposal.

Four units per aircraft

However, the interior cannot be combined completely freely. The front and rear areas of the aircraft are fixed. Units can be allocated into four zones in the middle of the plane. The entire process is handled by manufacturer Boeing, which oversees the design, construction and delivery of the fully equipped VIP aircraft. The first deliveries are scheduled to take place in 2026.

Boeing Business Jet, or BBJ for short, has been around since 1996. The division has now sold more than 260 aircraft. In May, it was announced that Boeing had received its first order for the Boeing 777-9 as a BBJ variant. However, the best-selling aircraft is the Boeing 737 with about 160 aircraft.

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