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Boeing 787-9: Lufthansa has acquired the Dreamliner, which should go to Norwegian and Air Europa

Boeing 787-9: Lufthansa has acquired the Dreamliner, which should go to Norwegian and Air Europa

The German airline’s first Boeing 787-9 was originally supposed to head to HNA. Other Lufthansa Dreamliners were for Norwegian Air Europa.

In order to quickly get long-haul aircraft, Lufthansa used White Tails. This means aircraft that have already been built but are no longer accepted by their customers. The German airline’s first five Boeing 787-9s come from an order originally placed by the HNA Group.

The plane was supposed to have gone to HNA subsidiary Suparana Airlines, which was later intended for Vistara. But in the end it took over Lufthansa. The German airline recently brought home the fourth example, D-ABPE.

The pilots are about three years old

The people of Frankfurt want to continue taking advantage of these opportunities. As the EAF normally informed fleet control portal notes, six of Lufthansa’s next seven Dreamliners were originally ordered by other airlines. The German airline acquires the production sites of Norwegian Air Shuttle and Air Europa.

So you get new planes faster for post-pandemic growth. The Boeing 787-9, which will be the first to be delivered with the new Allegris cabin in the fall, was originally intended for low-cost airline Norwegian Air. It bears serial number 63347 and is just over three years old. Two Dreamliners (63348 and 63349) must transition to Norwegian and are the same age. They completed their first flights in 2020.

Air Europa had to curb growth

Three more Boeing 787s have been delivered to Air Europa. She has the serial numbers (in MSN) 62178, 62146, and 66161. She is between two and three years old. The Spanish airline has been in dire financial straits during the pandemic and has had to adjust its growth plans downward.

While the first five white-tailed Dreamliners still have a transition cabin previously installed by HNA and Lufthansa is only adapting to its own identity, the other Boeing 787s will have the Allegris cabin that they have developed themselves. The German airline currently uses the Dreamliner on North American Airlines. The airline does not want to comment on the origin of the upcoming Boeing 787.

AUA also acquires the Dreamliner

Not only Lufthansa, but also sister airline Austrian Airlines, will acquire the Dreamliner. Its boss Annette Mann recently indicated that the starting signal for a long-haul renewal could follow in the first half of 2023. In March, the Lufthansa Group announced an increase in orders for the A350 and Dreamliner from Airbus and Boeing.