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Block B20 at Briouder Platz

Block B20 at Briouder Platz

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The Briouder Platz in Laufen. © Landratsamt Berchtesgadener Land

Due to the B20 Laufen citizens’ initiative meeting, the B20 in the Briouder Platz district of Laufen must be closed from 3pm to 4pm on Friday (July 14th).

Full text of the press release:

Laufen / Berchtesgadener Land – During the closure, vehicular traffic on the B20 coming from Tittmoning will be diverted to the St2103 country road in Laufen, then via the BGL 3 local road and in Saaldorf-Surheim to the St2104 country road to Freilassing and back to the B20. Coming from Freilassing, the detour will be Same way in the opposite direction. Conversion is a sign.

Traffic delays may occur in the bypass area. Therefore, all road users are asked to avoid the area if possible to bypass widely. Because of the event, there may be other obstructions in the Briouder Platz area between 2:30pm and 4:30pm.

It is possible to drive through Laufen’s upper city gate during the entire assembly. Thus, the connection between Oberndorf and Leuven via the border bridge (ST 2103) is not affected by the restrictions.

Press release from the Berchtesgadener Land District Office