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Biography of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss: Without shame or guilt – News

Biography of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss: Without shame or guilt – News


With only 45 days in office as Prime Minister, she holds the historic record. But her resume is full of self-confidence.

Liz Truss's self-reflections make for painful reading. For example, there was constant itching. Boris Johnson appears to have left behind not just political chaos in Downings Street, but also the fleas of his dog Dillon. Truss wrote that exterminators had been busy cleaning the lodge for several days.

The then Prime Minister was also disturbed by the usual loneliness that accompanies such a position. She was constantly surrounded by bodyguards, advisors and officials. But once she got a sore throat, she had to prepare her own cough syrup.

Fast finish

For all the self-pity, he almost forgets that Liz Truss brought down her government in just 45 days and had to resign. During her short stay in Downing Street, she fundamentally shook up the British economy.

Despite an empty state treasury, it generously announced tax cuts. As a result, interest rates rose in a panic, and millions of British homeowners found themselves facing extremely high mortgage interest rates.

Other people's mistake

Even today, Truss remains convinced that the cause of its failure was not its suicidal economic formula, but rather an administrative apparatus that was hostile to it. Officials would have frowned at the rejection when they read their proposals.

The conclusion that her thoughts were not good is strange to her. The British daily newspaper The Times wrote that Liz Truss's biography lacks any critical self-awareness.

Like the tortoise, her gaze retreats again and again into the world of her own perception. It's everyone's fault, not hers, it's the backwards view from a politician that's more awkward than an apology or a feeling of shame.


Former Prime Minister Liz Truss was a guest speaker at the American Conservatives CPAC conference on February 22, 2024 in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Keystone/AP/Jose Luis Magaña

The fact that she wrote this book at all may be an indication that Truss does not consider her political career over. So, it is not a parting gift, but rather a sign of the possibility of new trouble in the Conservative Party.

A glimpse of Downing Street

In addition, the biography is written in an entertaining way. It gives an interesting insight into the inner workings of Downing Street. Anyone who likes political provocations will be well served.

Liz Truss not only wants to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights, she also wants to abolish the British Supreme Court. In their view, this would finally put an end to judges' disturbing interference in politics.

The queen's last advice

The description of her meeting with the Queen is poignant. Receiving the then Prime Minister was the Queen's last official public act. Two days later she died.

The Queen gave her advice to take things slowly. “Maybe I should have listened to that,” Truss wrote in a rare moment of self-reflection. Maybe she should have listened to her husband too. When she decided to run for prime minister, he was said to have predicted how it would end: in pain and tears.