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BBC and British Airways salary details hacked

BBC and British Airways salary details hacked

BBC headquarters in London

In addition to the BBC, organizations and institutions in Great Britain, the United States and Canada were affected.

(Photo: Reuters)

London Hackers may have stolen the pay data of tens of thousands of workers from companies across the UK and beyond.

In Great Britain, according to their own reports, the BBC, British Airways and the Boots pharmacy chain with more than 100,000 employees, as well as the American University of Rochester, the Irish airline Aer Lingus and the government were also affected. Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The BBC reported on Wednesday that a Russian group known as Glob is calling on the dark web to begin ransom negotiations by email by June 14. The BBC called the practice unusual. Otherwise, hackers will contact victims directly.

Hackers break into commercial software Moveit Earlier, the UK’s leading payroll provider Zellis said eight of its customers were affected by a “global issue” which may have exposed personal information such as names, addresses and bank details.