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Bayern player Latif Latif fined for being late

Because he was stuck in traffic

Bayern travel to Lithuania without Latif – Tunisian punished

Because Seifallah Latif, 22, came late from the meeting point to leave Lithuania, the Tunisian must stay at home. FCB coach Alex Frei (43) is taking drastic measures.


FC Basel will play the first leg against Vilnius in the conference league without Saifullah Latif.

On Wednesday morning, FC Basel travels to Lithuania, where the Conference League Group B match will take place in the capital, Vilnius, on Thursday (6.45pm, live broadcast). However, one of them is missing on the plane: Saifullah Latif (22).

The reason: the new signing from Winterthur was stuck in traffic and arrived late at the meeting point. So the attacking player has to stay at home and train with the under-21 team. In addition, the Tunisian was fined by the Basel team and was only allowed to train with the team again on Friday.