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Basel loses 0-1 to Servette in Ujceli

Basel loses 0-1 to Servette in Ujceli

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Next disappointment: A very unimaginative Basel side lose 0-1 at home to Servette

Even after the national team’s recent hiatus, FC Basel have never found their way. Against Servette, he failed to score for the third match in a row. The result was a 0-1 defeat, which was deserved. Therefore, Bayern remains at the bottom of the table.

At the bottom of the standings, FC Basel arrive at the Ugeli Stadium and host Servette Geneva.

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the game: It only takes three laps of the cursor to understand which of the two teams has at least a little self-belief at Joggeli on Saturday evening: Servette Geneve, which recently won two in a row. This puts Basel under pressure from the beginning. FC Basel who also showed bad luck early on. Once the ball got rolling, Arnau Comas had to go off again due to injury. As if it wasn’t bitter enough that Bayern started this match bottom of the table.

He cannot hide the fact that he is at the bottom of the table. Derek Kutesa, who also pulled on his boots for Basel, shot from a promising position in the opening minutes, but did not get the shot off. But not many come from Geneva. It will be a match of a very modest level. spasm.

Basel have their best moment after the 30th minute. Then it is Thierno Perri who wins an aerial duel against Servette goalkeeper Joel Moll, but he cannot control the ball. The arc lamp is located on the chassis only. Shortly before half-time, Renato Vega had plenty of space outside the box, but was unable to get past Mole. But the truth is also that Geneva has the greater opportunity of the two. But Yoan Ceferin heads wide from a slightly tight angle, making it a throw-in for Basel. Basel’s defensive shortcomings are clear.

Anyone hoping for a better second half from Bayern’s perspective will quickly be disappointed. Because it will only get one thing: worse. Servette once again became more alert, more flexible and better technically. In the 48th minute, Kutesa shot just over the bar, and 11 minutes later it hit the top of the bar. In the 64th minute, what should have happened happened: Servet took the lead. Alexis Antunes’s header hit the inside post first after a corner kick, but Severin easily headed the ball over.

The response comes after only three minutes. Or at least almost. Djordje Jovanovic narrowly misses Barry’s cross. But that’s it. Almost nothing comes from Basel anymore. Servette doesn’t do much against the front either. Antunes made it 2-0 in the 71st minute, before Jeremy Guelmino took the lead a few seconds before the end of regular time. Meanwhile, there are a lot of bad passes at Bayern.

Therefore, Bayern remained scoreless in the third match under coach Heiko Vogel until further notice. And without points. Vogel is booed again as he leaves the field. It’s still uncomfortable in Basel.

The best: Kevin Rüegg is the only Basel resident to receive a satisfactory grade. Because he does a strong job in defense and recovers the ball from time to time.

This was something to talk about: Once again FC Basel’s performance. The home team barely has a real chance over 90 minutes of play. You never feel like Bayern have to score a goal here and now. Hardly anything fits together: not in the foreground. Still behind.