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Autonomous driving: Swiss Re relies on Waymo for safe driving

Autonomous driving: Swiss Re relies on Waymo for safe driving

According to a study, self-driving cars operated by Waymo are safer than those driven by humans. Google’s sister company reached this conclusion with the help of insurance company Swiss Re, with which it has been collaborating for a year to develop risk assessment models for flights on autonomous level 4.


Regarding the study presented now,Comparative safety performance of autonomous and human drivers(PDF) Combined liability claims against Waymo and against human-driven vehicles were compared. During trips estimated at 3.8 million miles (6 million km) without a person behind the wheel, there were no claims for bodily injury damages. This is the value The basic abbreviation for true “cpmm” is 1.11 damage per million miles traveled while a human was driving the vehicle.

When it came to property damage, Waymo achieved a value of 0.78 cpmmm, while human drivers achieved 3.26 cpmmm. According to the study, similar data emerged from 35 million miles of human-monitored self-driving tests. According to the study, human driver values ​​are based on data from 2016 to 2021 of 600,000 cases with at-fault drivers, which arose from a total of 125 billion miles of trips in areas where Waymo cars are also present. On the road.

According to the study, data from insurance stocks are better suited for comparing self-driving and human-controlled car trips than data sets obtained from police reports. Damage reports to insurance companies are becoming more standardized, and more damage is recorded here and more accurately than by the police. They say this is the first study to use this method.

Waymo has been conducting autonomous flights in Phoenix, Arizona, and San Francisco, California, for several years. The data obtained from this was taken into account in the study. Since October 2020, Waymo taxis have been operating in Phoenix without human safety supervision on board, which the company received permission to do in San Francisco in November last year. Sometimes there was resistance from city representatives; Since last month, Waymo and its competitor Cruise have been allowed to operate self-driving taxis around the clock and throughout San Francisco for a fee.


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