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China bans civil servants from using iPhone – Business

China bans civil servants from using iPhone – Business

Due to ongoing tensions with the West, China has banned civil servants from using foreign smartphones, according to a press report. She wrote that employees of some jurisdictions are no longer allowed to bring iPhones and Apple devices from certain other manufacturers into the workplace Wall Street Journal Quoted by insiders. However, it is not clear how many employees received this request and which providers were affected besides Apple. Chinese authorities could not initially be reached for comment.

The People’s Republic has passed several new laws in recent years due to data protection concerns. At the same time, it called on local companies to reduce their dependence on foreign technologies. Western countries, especially the United States of America, had previously imposed restrictions on exports of some high-tech goods to China. They wanted to slow down the country’s technological and military progress.

Meanwhile, Western countries have banned the products of some Chinese companies due to possible espionage by the government in Beijing. The most famous example of this is Tiktok. State employees are not allowed to use the short video application on their mobile phones at work. In some countries it is banned completely. Huawei also made headlines. For example, Germany subjects components of telecommunications service suppliers to security checks. Telecom companies may then have to remove parts that have already been installed.