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Automata is now available for pre-order • JPGAMES.DE

Automata is now available for pre-order • JPGAMES.DE

As is well known, Square Enix likes to dedicate a wide range of merchandise to its franchises. Some particularly popular characters are given specially detailed personas from the “Masterline” series at regular intervals.

Hardcore fans of Yoke: AutomataPeople who brought the appropriate small change with them have often been asked to pay in the past. For example in the context of this majestic figure, which combines 2B, 9S and A2. It’s been a little cheaper lately with this number of 2B in alternative outfit.

New “Masterline” character from 2B of NieR: Automata

So now the following figure will appear, which is again dedicated to the protagonist of “Automata” 2B and now Available for pre-order on the German-speaking Square Enix Store. You will have already guessed that it will not be cheap either, on the contrary: the impressive figure costs 2349.00 euros.

In return, interested fans will also receive a highly detailed 1/3 scale figure. The figure is 95 cm high and weighs 20 kg – a real heavyweight.

By the way, the experts at Prime 1 Studio are again responsible for the careful design of the look. Publication is set for July 2024. Here are some impressions of what it looks like:

the pictures: Square Enix Store