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Austria: Sasha must become an obstetrician on time

Austria: Sasha must become an obstetrician on time


Suddenly she went into labor – Jacqueline gave birth on the first appointment

Sasha must have imagined that this meeting would be different: while he was sitting with Jacqueline on his sofa in his apartment, she suddenly felt different – and he involuntarily became an obstetrician.

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  • Sasha and Jacqueline have their first date – she is in her last month of pregnancy at this time.

  • Suddenly the young woman went into labor. Sasha calls paramedics.

  • Before this could come, little Felix had already been born.

Where the love falls: Vienna Sasha (28) and Jacqueline (26) met on the dating platform Lovoo. After some writing back and forth, the two decided on Friday that they wanted to get to know each other better. Caution was advised because Jacqueline was pregnant at the time. That’s why there was a spontaneous and relaxed meeting at Sasha’s house on the same day. But instead of intense discussions, a birth took place on a Friday afternoon around 5pm in Simmering’s apartment.

“We liked each other immediately and decided, despite the situation, to get to know each other in person. “At home with me, Jacqueline suddenly wasn’t feeling well, and I thought it was time,” 28-year-old Sasha said in an interview with the Today programme. The young man responded with presence of mind and picked up the phone. The Vienna Professional Rescue Service was notified, and a telephone dispatcher gave the man instructions for obstetric care.

“You have to be very strong now.”

“The rescuer guided me step by step, and suddenly Jacqueline squeezed very hard. Then the dispatcher told me on the phone that I had to be very strong now,” said Al-Feini. A short time later, Felix saw the light. But the baby did not move at first. “I told me I had to wipe his face, nose and chest – and after a minute he started screaming.”

Sasha and Jacqueline will probably never forget their amazing first date. The chances of a happy ending for the two are good: the first meeting is immediately followed by the next – the Viennese accompanying the young mother to the hospital, among other things.

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