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“The loneliest sheep in the world” will not be saved.

“The loneliest sheep in the world” will not be saved.

Truly wild! Two years ago, kayaker Gillian Turner spotted a manatee from her canoe on a deserted island off Scotland. The animal was completely disheveled and alone.

Surprisingly: Two years later, sheep are still living there – despite the storms and rain.

The woman contacted the Scottish Animal Welfare Society. The animal must be rescued from isolation. “She deserves to spend a good few years with the other sheep,” Turner told the Daily Mail.

But the Animal Welfare Society decided not to carry out a rescue. The organization’s chief inspector explains the decision as follows: “The sheep are not in danger. There are a lot of pastures in the area and we have not been able to determine who owns them. We will conduct further checks as soon as the weather permits.”

Gillian Turner can’t count on the Humane Society’s support, but she remains confident. “The bank is shallow and easily accessible. What we need is a canoe to go with. At least one of my farmer friends rides with a dog and catches the animal.

She had previously called the mountain rescue team, but they were also helpless without an emergency call, Turner explained to the Daily Mail.

The landowner also wants to remove the sheep from the island. “The hype surrounding the case really worried him. He’s worried that people who randomly show up and try to play the hero are going to get hurt,” Turner says.

The island consists mainly of rocks. A local boatman had been monitoring the sheep for the past two years and discovered burrows on the island. The shaggy animal might have been able to survive in it.

Even if the sheep is ferocious, we hope Gillian Turner will find a way to save her from her loneliness.