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Aurora Ramazzotti felt guilty about having a caesarean section

Aurora Ramazzotti felt guilty about having a caesarean section

Caesar’s birth

Aurora Ramazzotti suffered a lot after her cesarean section

Aurora Ramazzotti is speaking candidly about motherhood on Instagram. She really wanted to give birth to Cesar naturally, but she had to resort to a caesarean section.


Aurora Ramazzotti, 26, and her boyfriend, Goffredo Cerza, 27, became parents in March.


  • A few months ago, Aurora Ramazzotti became a mother for the first time.

  • The 26-year-old gave birth to her son Cesare in Ticino.

  • She says on Instagram that she struggled with the fact that her son was born by caesarean section.

It was seen at the end of March Aurora Ramazzotti’s son Cesare is the light of the world. the A little boy was born in Ticino. Since then, the influencer has regularly spoken openly about the ups and downs of motherhood and has shown herself uncensored to her millions of followers.

She recently revealed in a Q&A session on Instagram that she struggled with postpartum guilt and depression. Son Cesar was not born naturally as planned, but through a Caesarean section. This was a bittersweet moment for Michelle Hunziker’s daughter that left her struggling. She had been preparing for a natural birth for weeks. However, due to unexpected complications, a caesarean section had to be performed. “After 20 minutes he was lying on my chest,” one Instagram influencer said.

Aurora felt guilty

Aurora had to address this first. The Italian said: “It took me weeks to get over the bitterness of not being able to give birth to him naturally.” She found it difficult to accept that her body was unable to do its job. At the same time, she could see that her feelings of guilt were unfounded. “Cesarean section has many benefits for the baby and mother. Cesar was born safely and is a wonderful, calm and friendly baby,” Aurora says in her story.

The new mother and her partner Goffredo Cerza seem to be thriving in family life. The 26-year-old recently spoke about this in a post. “There is nothing more magical than reinventing yourself in this new dress. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better,” she writes alongside photos of her partner and baby. She can’t wait to experience the future together.

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