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A princely couple in absurd love: Charlene Monaco in the traditional picnic: the idea behind her strange blouse

A princely couple in absurd love: Charlene Monaco in the traditional picnic: the idea behind her strange blouse

Floral prints are everywhere you look. Charlene opted for berries, but her outfit wasn’t quite as convincing for her Monaco outing.


The entire royal family comes together for the traditional Monaco picnic “U Cavagnëtu” at Parc Princesse Antoinette. Charlene’s floral blouse especially caught the eye.

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  • On September 9, Monaco’s royal family appeared at the traditional “U Cavagnëtu” picnic in Princesse Antoinette Park.
  • According to the media, Albert and Charlene from Monaco seemed “harmony.”
  • Princess Charlene wore a long, unflattering silk blouse with berry embellishments.

On the weekend, it’s time again for the big family photo. The royals arrived at Parc Princesse Antoinette in a relaxed and good mood and enjoyed the September sun.

Flowers were the preferred style for women’s casual—but nonetheless—public looks. Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Caroline von Hannover, stunned in a ruffled dress with an abstract floral print from the French fashion house’s Resort 2020 collection.

Albert II and Charlene, who have appeared together repeatedly in recent weeks, also made this public appearance, which was described as “harmonious” in the media.

Regarding her clothes, the princess looked a little “prickly.” What initially looks like a floral print is actually a berry design. There is a larger ethnic pattern at the bottom of the blouse.

Otherwise, it is convincing Cleaning look

Overall, Charlene did not like this long silk blouse from Etro, which costs around 1,000 francs. The blouse has a straight cut, which prompted Charlene to highlight her waist with a leather belt. But this is going wrong. Speaking of pants: The model’s wide-leg fit underneath gives her silhouette a boxy shape. A small style is less flattering for the princess and makes her look older.

The Princess impresses us across the board when it comes to fashion. Especially when you choose an elegant, clean and simple look, it always makes a real statement.

But why did Charlene choose this look? On the one hand, Charlene definitely wanted to match other women who were wearing floral prints with her natural design and wear a summer look for an outing. Because even if it is a public appearance, the event is about attendees showing themselves as naturally and openly as possible. To portray the relaxed side of the idealistic and sometimes strict royals.

Charlene’s choice of style: Too brave for a royal

Charlene from Monaco is known for her versatility when it comes to hairstyles, but she also impresses across the board when it comes to fashion. Watch some of the princess’ unforgettable looks in the video.

July 6, 2023