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Augsburg: Augsburg Press Ball 2023: a night full of music

Augsburg: Augsburg Press Ball 2023: a night full of music

International bands and party DJs: at the press event on November 11, no musical desire will be left unfulfilled. Guests can look forward to a lively night.

On November 11, a very special event will take place at Kongress am Park – the Augsburg Press Ball 2023. Guests can expect a ball night full of diversity. Lots of top-notch music showcasing different locations and enticing you to dance and party.

the Eddie Miller Band It has already impressed audiences at world-famous locations such as the Louvre Museum in Paris or the Sports Club in Monte Carlo. This year she will participate in the Augsburg Press Ball for the second time and will impress guests with her performance in the Grand Ballroom. The big band has updated their sound, without strings, and has a DJ to provide the necessary dynamism and energy. It guarantees dancing and a party atmosphere. In this sense, Eddie Miller represents exactly that Click on the ball: A modern and comfortable celebration today!

The 2023 Press Ball will be an evening to remember.

Guests can also expect a lively atmosphere in the lobby. Head of joy Brings a mix of soul, swing, funk, jazz and pop to the dance floor. For several years, singer and bandleader Martin Hare has been able to wow press ball audiences with his distinctive voice and get them dancing. He has revised his program specifically for your party night and will create a festive atmosphere – of the highest proven quality.

This year’s press ball also offers many visually and musically diverse areas. Anyone clinking glasses with friends at a gin bar will get more subdued tones Sensitive He listens. The quartet enjoys light 1920s style dance music. In the Champagne Foyer, guests can express their personal musical wishes to the artists Charlie Glass You will play the piano. No matter whether it is bar music, hit songs, jazz, classic rock or gentle folk songs: dancing, laughing and having fun are clearly desirable here. DJs play at RT1 nightclub Hiko’s luck And Enrico Ostendorf on me. With music from the 80s and even today, guests can celebrate the biggest hits in a relaxed way. And many bars have drinks to go with it.

Augsburg Press Ball 2023: a night full of music

Celebrities and impressions: photos from the Augsburg Press Ball 2022

Photo: Peter Fastel, Alexander Kaya, Markus Merck, Bernhard Weisinger, Silvio Wesengrad

The most prominent musical performances of the evening are expected to take place at midnight in the Grand Hall. The secret of who will be the guest star this year is yet to be revealed after David Garrett, Andreas Burani or Barov Stellar… There should be a bit of tension. Only this is what can be revealed: it will happen again An internationally known business Something guests can look forward to. The Press Ball 2023 is a night not to be missed.

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Get your tickets now for the night of November 11 and dance until the wee hours of the night. The best atmosphere is guaranteed at 49th Augsburger Click on the ball. everyone Information and maps below