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The next disappointment for the long-suffering shooter

The next disappointment for the long-suffering shooter

from Valentine Sattler
Now that the Payday 3 servers are stable, there’s now a problem with the first patch: it’s been delayed for a short time. A backdoor is an issue discovered late in development, and resolving it requires renewing the console manufacturer’s certification.

Co-op shooter Payday 3, released on September 21, had a rocky start: in the first few days, the title achieved player numbers so high that the servers couldn’t handle it. As a result, the shooter was unplayable at times, leading to frustration among fans. Fortunately, these problems are now a thing of the past – the servers are running stably – but now there is the next problem: the first patch is delayed.

Disappointment and hope

The first patch for Payday 3 was supposed to be released on October 5 and will bring more than 200 improvements to the game. The developers at Starbreeze had to postpone the update at short notice because a stability issue was apparently discovered shortly before release. The critical fix in turn delays the release of the update, as it must now be approved again by Microsoft and Sony in order for it to appear on consoles.

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Instead of last Thursday, the first patch for the co-op shooter won’t be released until mid-October. In other words: maybe next week, but maybe not until the week after that. Players will also likely discover the changes that the developers were able to implement in the first few weeks after launch. Granted, the developers were unable to meet key requirements, such as offline mode, due to time constraints. The update will likely address several small points of criticism. For example, it is not currently possible to give a name to the different inventory configurations.

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Of course, the first patch in question should not remain the only update. For the period from October to November Starbreeze Other patches have been announced, which aims to improve the game. Additionally, more content will be added during this period before the first DLC debuts in the winter. Conversely, this might mean that players can look forward to some free content beforehand. Meanwhile, the focus is of course still on the servers, for example on Tuesday Give more maintenance. If things go smoothly, players won’t notice anything about it. It appears there is now enough capacity to deactivate part of the server network for the update.

Source: via Eurogamer