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ARD in a Storm: ARD in Criticism: Broadcast “Do You Understand Pleasure?”  He is subjected to severe criticism

ARD in a Storm: ARD in Criticism: Broadcast “Do You Understand Pleasure?” He is subjected to severe criticism

Broadcaster Barbara Schöneberger in the studio of the ARD program “Do you understand the fun?” In March 2023.

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Between “Tagesschau” and “Do you understand pleasure?” ARD is showing a special news program on the situation in Israel. VSS presenter Barbara Schoenberger did not mention anything. This upsets a lot of viewers.

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  • The current situation has made ARD choose between “Tagesschau” and “Do you understand pleasure?” To include a special story (“Focus”) about the situation in the Middle East.
  • Barbara Schoenberger never said what was private. This causes discontent among viewers.
  • The station is under severe criticism online.
  • Also participating in the show: Luca and Cristina Hani. The station used them as booby traps and tricked an elderly couple.

Between the ARD “Tagesschau” and the entertainment program “Do you understand the fun?” In view of the current events, the station presented a special news bulletin entitled “Axis: Escalation in the Middle East.”

On the ARD entertainment program, presenter Barbara Schoenberger had the only word on the subject, writing, “ ».

Instead, people joke around as if nothing happened: First, the artist sings a self-penned version of “I Will Survive.”

ARD is under heavy criticism

Many viewers criticize the situation and it starts with Barbara Schöneberger singing without any classification about why it is appropriate to broadcast #VSS today. You can be for or against and legitimately argue both. But saying anything is inappropriate.”

“Hard to take,” another X user commented.

Luca Hani and Christina Loft were used as decoys

Luca Haney and Christina Luft are also on the show. They are used as decoys: fans are supposed to meet them in a meet-and-greet.

But an older couple appears there and does a wonderful dance. Despite a lot of makeup and disguise, fans recognize the Hani couple after a while.

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