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Apple Watch Series 9 (45mm) Smartwatch Test – Gets brighter and lasts longer

Apple Watch Series 9 (45mm) Smartwatch Test – Gets brighter and lasts longer

The Apple Watch S9 is operated via a 1.9-inch touchscreen, a rotatable and pushable crown, and a button and a new double-tap gesture. You can scroll through menus by rotating the crown. Vibration motor simulates mesh. A quick tap on the crown opens the app overview. A double tap shows an overview of all open apps, and a long press launches the voice assistant Siri.

Pressing the bottom button opens the quick menu with access to flashlight, battery life, airplane mode, and the like. A double tap opens Apple Wallet, and a long press opens the emergency menu with access to the emergency card, compass tracking function, and emergency call.

Swiping down from the top opens the smartwatch’s notifications list. Messages are listed organized by application and presented in short form. Tapping the card in question opens the full message or notification of the app.

Swiping up from the bottom opens the overview menu — Apple calls it Smart Stack. The current date, time, upcoming appointments, weather overview and activity are displayed there. There’s also quick access to training, music and notifications. This menu is also opened by double-tap gesture by default.

To do this, the wearer must tap their thumb and index finger together twice in a row. Further tapping scrolls through the menu. This gesture has additional functions in applications – for example, it can pause music and answer a call. This works reliably in testing. The tap gesture has been around on the Apple Watch for several years. However, it had to be activated first. Apple is now promoting this feature and the range of functions has increased.

The contents of the smart stack can be expanded with additional widgets and the order can be changed. Side swipe has no function on Apple Watch S9.

We admire the workmanship of the Apple Watch Series 9, but we noticed the first scratches on the protective glass after the testing period, without a clear reason for this. The keys have a good pressure point and don’t play.