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Andrey Ragetley misses the medal in Beijing

Andrey Ragetley misses the medal in Beijing

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Ragitley miss swimming medal: “I’m proud of myself. But fourth place really scratched me.”

Swiss descents travel home without an Olympic medal. Andrei Ragitley should be content with fourth, and Fabian Bosch in sixth. Gold and silver go to the United States.

He was hoping for more Beijing 2022: Swiss Andre Ragittely during his Olympic career in China. In the end, Al Grisons remained in fourth place.

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And Andre Ragetley missed the medal he was aiming for in Sloppy Style. The disappointment after the last round was enormous. Grisons ended up in ungrateful fourth place. ‘It’s too close.’ Difficult. I did my best. I worked hard for it,” Ragitley said with apparent disappointment to SRF after the competition.

The 23-year-old had to risk everything again in his last run. Because the competition has been submitted. But after a strong second round, the third round failed. In the end, he lost the best bronze qualifier by less than two points (83.50).

Fight back to the World Cup

Ragetley typically spends four months preparing for the snow for the season. Not so this winter. He was only able to train for six weeks. In March of last year, he fell at the Big Air World Championships, rupturing the cruciate ligament in his left knee. Three days earlier, Ragitley had become the world champion in the tilt swim.

Rehabilitation took longer than expected. Andrei Ragetley had to be patient. It wasn’t until mid-January that he was back in the World Cup – and he won straight away. A week later he won gold at X-Games, also in jet-skiing. Now the hoped-for coronation has not materialized.

“When I cut myself last year, I didn’t know if I could be here. I’m proud of myself. But fourth place really scratches me,” Andrei Ragitley said on Wednesday. But the Graubünden player is also fighting in Valley of Tears and already looking forward:

“Anyone who knows me knows that something like this makes me stronger. I will go home and train for the next Olympics.”

Andrei Ragitley was disappointed after finishing fourth at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Andrei Ragitley was disappointed after finishing fourth at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

stone key

The second Swiss in the final of the italic swimming in Beijing, Fabian Bosch, finished the competition in sixth place and thus received the Olympic diploma. Kim Jaber did not appear in the final after suffering a hamstring injury he sustained in yesterday’s qualifiers.

Double victory for the United States

Meanwhile, the Americans are celebrating a double victory in italic style. Alexander Hall (USA) won the gold with a score of 90.01 points. However, the 23-year-old grew up in Switzerland. Silver snatches away 27-year-old compatriot Nicholas Guiber (86.48). The bronze medal goes to Sweden with Jesper Tjdder (85.35).