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American pianist playing for his native Ukraine in Unna

Vadim Nselovsky, a well-known pianist in Unna and living in the United States, has been a guest at a special concert. He composes music for the benefit of his motherland, which has been badly affected. He is from Ukraine.

Jazz musician Vadim Nselovsky is from Ukraine, lived in Unna, and is now from the United States: he runs a benefit concert for the benefit of Ukraine. © Archive

Vadim Nesselvsky came to Unna at the age of 17 through the state office. He left his hometown of Odessa, but he is still attached to it. Now he has come to Unna for a benefit concert for the benefit of Ukraine.

Unna Economic Cultural Group has invited a pianist living in the United States to Unna. At Pestalocy High School (PGU) he will play a show named after his hometown: “Odessa”. The concert will take place on Tuesday, March 22 at 7:30 pm. Admission is free. For the benefit of Ukraine – book reservation by e-mail: Kulturkris asks for donations: [email protected]

The “Project Odessa” composed by Naselovsky in his life is considered to be the most unique music. With his music, the artist wants to take his listeners on an imaginary journey through his hometown.

Vadim Naselovsky trained in classical music and later studied jazz in the United States, where he toured with Herbie Hancock and Gary Burton. He now teaches at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston.