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Alexander Kildee meets her boyfriend, Michaela Schifrin

Alexander Kildee meets her boyfriend, Michaela Schifrin


Skateboarding star gets embarrassed – Keldy is interviewing her friend, Michaela Shifrin

After her 88th World Cup win, Mikaela Schiffrin is interviewed by Alexander’s girlfriend Aamodt Kilde — and she can’t stop laughing.


Part of the interview between Alexander Kilde and Michaela Schiffrin can be seen here.


  • Michaela Shifrin has had an amazing ski season.

  • After the last race of the season, she was interviewed by her friend Alexander Kildee.

  • The American found it very funny.

Skating star Mikaela Shifrin has a record-breaking winter He was crowned with victory at the season finale in Andorra. The most successful female ski racer in history won the giant slalom on Sunday and celebrated the 88th World Cup title of her career. The 28-year-old already had a small crystal ball of best giant slalom driver in the winter before the race.

What followed was a one-off interview with her boyfriend, Alexandre Amodt Kilde, who grabbed a microphone and slid spontaneously into the role of journalist. The American was visibly embarrassed by the unusual situation in the interview.

“Now I’m going back to the USA.”

«Well, how do you feel after winning the 88th World Cup? What is your next record? Kildee asked his girlfriend. “I don’t know, you tell me,” a Colorado woman replied. “That’s enough for now,” Kildee replied. alone”.

As if the American had forgotten about all the cameras around her, she even gave a brief insight into the dreamy skating couple’s private life. “Now I’m going back to the States and spending time at the beach,” said Schifrin. “I wish you’d come with me, but it shouldn’t be yet.” Apparently Keldie didn’t expect this answer, and replied, “Oh really? Challenge accepted.” Another fit of laughter from the star was the result.

At the end of the interview, which quickly went viral and has been shared thousands of times, the two embraced. Shiffrin and the 30-year-old Norwegian made love well two years ago. They share their happiness with the public on social media. Kildy once said: “We have nothing to hide. It’s important for us that people don’t just know us as skaters. We also want to show the other side.”

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