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After two-thirds of it was torn off

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to: Nick Majdoul

Immediately in scoring style: Löwen defender Niklas Hormann (right) beat tough DSC goalkeeper Timo Pielmeier with his second-ever professional goal. © Ewald Schetter

Tölzer Löwen only implements the instructions against Deggendorf in stages and loses 2:4

Bad Tölz – Requirements only took two-thirds: avoid counter-attacks, not allow a human strength situation to arise, ensure plenty of movement in front of goal and lots of shots. That worked well for 40 minutes on Monday night, though, as Tölzer Löwen trailed 1-0 after a powerful strike from Deggendorf. But in the final third, they couldn’t keep the balance of the game any more and got involved in playing well in front of the penalty area, which Timo Bellmayer defends, and they were hit back several times. “Ultimately the main cause of defeat,” says Lion trainer Ryan Foster. In the end, Löwen lost 4-2 to a new second in the table and now they have to hope they can win again in the second leg against Landsberg on Wednesday.

After two-thirds of it was torn off

It was an acceptable start against an opponent who was starting to get into trouble. “We didn’t allow much,” Foster says. Philip Lear, who had another advantage over Josef Hölzel, only had to block four shots in the first third. On the other hand, the Tölzers found their master in the ranks in the Pielmeier, the best goalkeeper in the Oberliga with a catch rate of 92.9 percent. Nick Howard, Christoph Fischaber, who were in a good mood in the third attack, Timo Stecha, Eric Gollenbeck and Tyler Ward all failed because of the goalkeeper of Niederbayern.

35:23 Shots on goal, but they are saved

But the Lions controlled the match, had more shots on goal – a total of 35: 23 – and chances, pressed the guests early with a good forward check, and hardly allowed themselves any weaknesses in defense. But the guests patiently waited for their chance – and took advantage of it in numbers: Thomas Bellmare’s shot was parried by Tolzer’s leg, making it 1-0 – Leer went the other way.

dropped to eighth place

But the Lions were only missing a goal in the final third. However, Deggendorf scored the goal on the counter immediately after the start of the second half. Thomas Grillinger soullessly executed the hole. Nick Huard’s Blueline hammer, which Nicklas Hormann Pielmeier had exceptionally encouraged in the sidelines, gave him little hope. Because after just a minute Lukas Mikolka regained the old lead. Back at the counter. And Peter Stelbokal threw the puck under the crossbar to make it 4: 1. Shortly before the end, Huard was only able to shorten the lead to 2: 4. After the fourth defeat in five matches, the Lions returned to eighth place. Nick Scheder

Toelzer Löwen – Deggendorfer SC 2:4 (0:0, 0:1, 2:3)

Goals: 0: 1 (32:08) Th. Pielmeier (Heiss/Greilinger, 5-4), 0:2 (40:28) Greilinger (Matheson/Leinweber), 1:2 (48:06) Hörmann (Huard/Eichstadt), 1:3 (49:04) Miculka (Stloukal / Dusek), 1: 4 (54:27) Stloukal (Miculka / Großrubatscher), 2: 4 (59:50) Huard (Ott / Hörmann), – Minute penalty: Tölz 8, Deggendorf 10, – Referee: Bastian Haupt / Thomas Kalnik, – spectators: 1077.