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“Advent Festival” by Florian Silbereisen: Nana Mouskouri is barely recognizable

“Advent Festival” by Florian Silbereisen: Nana Mouskouri is barely recognizable

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Pop legend Nana Mouskouri was also a guest at the “Festival of 100,000 Lights” organized by Florian Silbereisen. But behind the scenes, the singer seems to have changed a little.

Suhl – On Saturday (December 2) Florian Silbereisen (42 years old) presented the “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights” for the twentieth time. In a reflective evening on ARD, the pop stars shook hands with each other. In addition to Andrea Berg (57), Mireille Mathieu (77) and Roland Kaiser (71), Nana Mouskouri (89) was also present. Off stage, the music legend appeared in an absolutely unusual appearance.

All in red: Nana Mouskouri surprises with a new look alongside Florian Silbereisen

On stage, Nana Mouskouri created an extraordinary scene at the Advent Festival, and Florian Silbereisen had to help her with the microphone. But behind the scenes, the 89-year-old was difficult to recognize and surprisingly appeared in red.

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Nana Mouskouri has been on stage for about 65 years. The musician is always seen wearing black horn-rimmed glasses: it is her trademark. She also wore one on stage at the 100,000 Lights Festival – but it’s completely different away from the cameras. In a photo on Instagram that shows her with Florian Silbereisen and Mireille Mathieu, she is wearing bright red glasses with red lenses. A completely different look for Nana Mouskouri, as it is difficult for you to recognize her at first glance.

Schlager and Florian Silbereisen fans celebrate Nana Mouskouri and Mery Mathieu

The change doesn’t go unnoticed by Instagram users either. “Excuse me, Lady Mouskouri in Red! “Shocking,” one user commented. But others thank Nana Mouskouri and Mireille Mathieu for the offer. Florian Silbereisen himself also seems humble in his position. “Dear Nana, dear Mireille, it is a great honor for all of us to be able to welcome you to the “Advent of 100,000 Lights Festival”!” He writes.

However, on the same ARD program, another guest was surprised by her appearance: Barbara Schöneberger’s dress was torn shortly before the “Advent Festival”, which is why she had to do tricks on Florian Silbereisen’s show. Sources used: Instagram; Answer