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Adler is already hot for the new season «

Adler is already hot for the new season «

The result of the last series found that Königshofer is strong. New to the team is Joshua Repelmayer and director Simon Sjobinsky, who is said to be another key player.

Full power ahead: Simon Sjobinski (with the ball / here still at Interaktiv. Handball jersey in a duel with Aldkerk’s Marcel Görden) will soon fly towards opposing defenses for DJK Adler Königshof. (Photo: Herbert Mulkin)

Until recently, most of them were almost happy to somehow over the last few months over the last game. But did you completely shift into the lowest gear possible or set the corner position? In general, it can not be set up again. The upcoming break initially provided the opportunity to look back and test everything. In some cases this has only led to a partially satisfactory result – but not for DJK Adler Königshof, who finished fourth in the final table for Oberliga Niederrhein with a score of 28:20, especially in light of recent serious staff problems in the 2021/22 season. It evaluates success. stunned captain Sebastian Bartmann says: “We then only played with seven field players and two goalkeepers, which is not really possible in this category. I can only commend everyone for finishing fourth with this level of manpower. What Marius brings out of the team Fabulous “.

The result is reinforced by the fact that Bartmann himself, the most important player in coach Marius Timofti’s squad, has not been able to stand on the board in the last nine matches due to a foot injury. The 31-year-old is particularly happy – apart from the fact that, as a handball fanatic, he would of course have preferred to play in all 24 games. The bottom line is that Adler’s morale, attitude and team spirit are already making officials already consider the 2022 series. /2023 with some confidence. This in turn has to do with two newcomers: Backfield’s Joshua Rippelmeier (25) comes from VfB Homberg, who is pulling out of Oberliga and continues at district level, and Simon Ciupinski (33), a very experienced director, who comes from the Interaktiv regional league team. Handball. He also has a passion for handball and a love of playing. It is clear that the Eagles did not advance to cross the finish line again 15 points behind the leaders. “We’re looking forward to the promotion,” Bartmann admits. The restriction follows immediately so that there is no misunderstanding: “in one to two years.” In the long run, it should be a jump in the fourth league.

Krefeld’s side went into the season that ended three weeks ago with a squad of 13. However, two departures in the first half of the season are Marko Markotic, who then joined Oberliga TV rival Geistenbeck, Sam Schaeffer, who returned to Interaktiv. It was already clear after the fourth round on October 9, 2021 that Adler would not be able to participate in the summit – due to the obvious defeats to Unitas Hahn (29:41), in Borussia Moenchengladbach (14:33) and against. Bergischer HC II (26:31). On the other hand, Timofte’s team achieved the most exciting result of the entire season from Krefeld’s point of view in the second half of the season against Borussia with 35:29 – and this success was one of the reasons why BHC later managed to get it. Promoted – not Mönchengladbach. Bartmann, in particular, will not forget the victory over Borussia so quickly: it was not unusual that he was the team’s best striker with 11 goals, but rather his temporary assignment in the backcourt. There, too, it was clear that it was a closed book for the opponent, because Matthias Meurer scored nine goals at the same time, Mönchengladbach received 20 goals that evening – a record forever.

In the end, Bartmann and Maurer were also Königshofer’s top scorers with 109 and 106 goals over the course of the entire season – the captain playing only 15 games and with 7.27 goals per game until he achieved the highest value of all league players. The fact that Bartman may have missed the title of personal scorer due to an injury hardly bothers him – because he is a true team player from the ground up and believes that progressing the big picture is more important: “It was nice to see from the outside that the team has made tremendous progress without me. That’s fantastic.” So excited that Adler managed to sign Simon Chubinsky – who didn’t come to let his career wind down, but who should be another valuable broadcaster on his way to a successful future. “Simon is worth his weight in gold to us,” says Bartmann. His firm conviction: It’s not only broker Tim Legerman who will take the next step forward with Ciupinski.

At the same time, Adler is also strengthening the second team, which should be the right foundation for the first team and a starting point for the next season in Verbandsliga. Because one thing remains clear to Bartman, despite the improvement of the financial situation: “We are not on a bed of roses.” That doesn’t rule out considering one of the other boosts in time – there’s also one last stand for Next Season right now that’s free, but it should be occupied relatively soon. The Eagles will start preparing for the new season relatively soon, because handball will start indoors this weekend. Then Königshof takes a breather in July before the start of the hot and intense stage before the tournament begins. Because the assembly is a precursor to 3/4. Select September, a difficult program awaits the team and coach. Amazing: in a way it gives vultures the impression that they can’t wait to follow their passion. Of course, this also applies to Sebastian Bartmann, who is looking forward to returning after working part-time from 2021/2022. What is certain for him is certain: “We have a great team.” This is also a form of luck. And it really doesn’t feel like parking or gear-less.