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According to one study, this is how long it takes to fall in love!

According to one study, this is how long it takes to fall in love!

The basics in a nutshell

  • According to science, falling in love takes less than a second.

  • Men usually fall in love faster than women.

  • True love requires openness, trust, and strong emotional connection.

For some, it’s love at first sight, and for others, it takes a little longer for it to work out. But how long does it really take? Science knows the answer!

We really fall in love so quickly

Love…gives us joy, happiness, and sometimes headaches. Anyone who has truly fallen in love at least once knows how powerful that feeling is and what it means to feel truly attracted to another person. However, what is difficult for us to explain in words is very simple from a scientific point of view. Because the butterflies in your stomach can be explained simply by a chemical reaction occurring in the body.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine took a closer look and found that when we look at someone we like, our bodies release stimulating substances. They have a very joyful effect on us. To be more precise, these are hormones and pheromones that can actually influence clear thinking, increase libido and create attraction. All it takes is the blink of an eye. According to researchers, this happens within a fifth of a second.

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When infatuation turns into love

However, psychologists like New York relationship therapist Amy Hartstein also see it as a kind of desire, which is then followed by falling in love and true love. True love requires more than just a chemical reaction in the body. Many of us have probably had experiences in romantic relationships where there was attraction, but it just didn’t work out. but why? There are four important pillars necessary for true love to arise between two people.


It may sound cheesy, but love can definitely be compared to a plant. In order for it to grow, you have to take care of it, nurture it and, above all, be patient. A close connection does not develop overnight, but rather becomes stronger and stronger as days, weeks, months, and even years pass.


Affection can be shown in many ways. It means giving attention and affection to each other and truly caring for the other person. This also involves respecting your own and each other’s boundaries and moving together rather than focusing solely on your own needs.


Trust is the foundation of a healthy and happy relationship. As trust grows, so does the feeling of love. Here too, it is important to respect each other, listen to each other and support each other. It is based on positive experiences and consistent behavior. There’s no doubt about whether your partner will support you, and you don’t have to constantly fight for your relationship. You know you can count on each other.

Emotional connection

Of course, the basic pillars of love depend on each other. For example, trust has an impact on emotional attachment, and vice versa. For an emotional bond, shared experiences are as essential as the ups and downs you experience together. This does not necessarily mean that you always agree, arguments can also be good for the relationship and not change it immediately.

This is how men fall in love

Who falls in love faster?

Despite the science, it is impossible to generalize how quickly someone falls in love. People can experience or define love differently and have their own pace, which in turn depends on different factors. What is interesting is that men often fall in love faster than women, which clearly refutes the common stereotype. In a study conducted by American psychologist Marissa Harrison, which also appeared in the Journal of Social Psychology, 172 college students were surveyed about love and relationships.

It turns out that male participants tended to say the three magic words (“I love you”) after only a few weeks, while women liked it to take a few months. Men seem to trust their intuition more and feel connected more quickly, and this is said to be due to evolution. Women question their feelings more and focus on a stable relationship with perspective – and that takes time. The other reason is said to be that women have a lot to lose. Evolutionarily and biologically, their time to have children is limited. The goal is to intensify the desire for the “right” partner.

When falling in love, they both go through four different stages, but in a different order. The stages are physical attraction, emotions, personality as well as the desire for togetherness and involvement in the relationship.