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A very beautiful couple that hippies trust

A very beautiful couple that hippies trust

Rarely has a true crime series been as exciting as “The Snake”. The film is set at the heart of the thrilling story about the life of psychopath Charles Subrag, a hippie killer from Asia who has bypassed the police and judiciary.

Charles Suprag liked to throw wild pool parties in his building complex in Bangkok. Lots of bare skin, alcohol and drugs in abundance. So he enticed hippies traveling to his home. Ostensibly, he looked cosmopolitan and pretended to be a philanthropist. With his good looks, his intellect – speaking 15 languages ​​- and his charisma, he astonished the people around him. Take care of sick travelers. Who poisoned himself.

But his bohemian life including helper syndrome was nothing but his ruse to lure in backpackers – and kill them. The fake diamond and drug dealer funded his luxurious life with the money and passports of his victims. Always loyal at his side: his Canadian friend Monique. Jamal I like to be a model.

In cold blood, he killed Subhraj across Asia, picking up travelers on the hippie trail. Because two of his victims were wearing bikinis, he was nicknamed the Bikini Killer.

Where did his deep resentment come from? His mother, Subhraj, was neglected due to a new partnership that included half-siblings. He is also said to have felt inferior due to his Vietnamese ancestry (which then belonged to Indochina). He obtained his French passport through his mother’s marriage. Its criminal nature was revealed early on. In 1967, at the age of 23, he was arrested in Paris on charges of robbery and placed in prison.

Charles Supraj is serving a life sentence in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is in poor health and has undergone many open heart surgeries. Today he is 77 years old.

Who will love the series?

Thriller friends who love intertwined storylines. As Golden Globe nominee Charles Sobhraj, Tahir Rahim – a great choice.

If you get cold at the sight of a cold-blooded mentally ill and their murders, then you should stay away from the mini-series. Additionally, a lot of timers are used, which requires some jogging in the brain.

The eight-part mini-series “The Snake” is playing on Netflix.