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Reconciliation in the tomb of Prince Phillips?

Reconciliation in the tomb of Prince Phillips?

Prince Harry spends the time leading up to his grandfather’s memorial service at Northham Palace near Kensington Palace.

Once in London, Prince Harry was placed in quarantine to attend a death ceremony. Will Prince Harry and his brother William make peace again at Grandfather’s Tomb? At least that is what former British Prime Minister John Major hopes.

After the death of his 36-year-old grandfather Prince Philip, he quickly made his way to Europe from his new home in California to attend the funeral service next Saturday. “Blue News” newspaper reported that this is the first time that Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson has returned to London since he and his wife Megan made their crown appearance last year.

But even for the royals, traveling in Corona’s times isn’t complicated: Instead of celebrating his family’s reunion and the opportunity for personal discussions, Harry spends his first days back home isolated in quarantine after a long time.

The actually stipulated 10 days no longer exist until the funeral service – but the funeral of a close family member is a legitimate exception to leave isolation temporarily. There is also the option to free yourself from quarantine on the fifth day with a negative test.

According to the Daily Mail, the Prince will spend the country’s first days at Nottingham Cottage – a home on the grounds of Kensington Palace. He and Megan had lived there prior to their marriage before moving to the larger Frogmore Cottage.

The sudden return of the Prodigal Son was different from what had been expected by many. Nevertheless, it could represent a step towards mending the rift that has arisen since Megast. These matters greatly deepened recently when the couple accused the royal family of racism and lack of support in a highly publicized TV interview – something his brother Prince William (38) strongly rejected.

Former British Prime Minister John Major expressed his hope that there would be a reconciliation between Harry and William. The BBC said on Sunday that “currently the common grief over the death of your grandfather is, in my view, an ideal opportunity.” Megan, who is at the center of the royal row over allegations of racism, doesn’t have that opportunity right now. On medical advice, the 39-year-old pregnant woman remained in the United States. It was not known at first how long Harry would remain in Great Britain.

Until he and his relatives meet on Saturday at Windsor Castle, the whole country mourns with the family – in Great Britain there are eight days of national mourning. Flags fly half mast, the mourning wardrobe is the order of the day. In the House of Commons in London, a special session on Monday afternoon was supposed to bring together senior politicians and lawmakers in person or via video link to honor the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to media reports, Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to have his hair cut in advance – and this has been possible again thanks to the thinning since Monday morning. Memorial events were also on the agenda on Mondays in regional parliaments and Britain’s House of Lords.

The funeral will take place next Saturday 17 April at Windsor Castle. RTL will accompany the funeral ceremony live from 3 PM.