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A strike by British doctors has fueled concern among patients

A strike by British doctors has fueled concern among patients

The UK Health Service is concerned about patient care ahead of a four-day strike by residents. Leaders of hospitals and medical practices are “more concerned than any other strike”. Laila McKay, director of the umbrella organization for the National Health Service, told the BBC on Saturday.

Up to a quarter of a million appointments and activities may be canceled and postponed. McKay said the strike, which begins Tuesday, will also affect patient safety. “This is a major concern for all healthcare leaders.”

After an unprecedented wave of strikes in the British health service NHS, the government recently reached an agreement with unions on pay issues for most occupational groups.

However, residents announced further strikes. They are demanding a 35 percent wage increase to cover 15 years of wage increases falling short of inflation.

The British Media Association Union has announced that it will not leave any parts of the health service. So there is no risk to patient safety. However, there is an emergency plan where striking residents can be called to the hospital if the patients’ lives are in immediate danger.

The UK invited Health Secretary Steve Barclay to meet over the Easter holidays to resolve the dispute. “What we want is a serious offer so that we can talk about this fall in real wages and start negotiations,” a union representative said, according to the BBC. The Conservative government, on the other hand, has asked the union to call off the strike. Only then is negotiation possible.