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A ruling on Harry's custody dispute is expected in Great Britain

A ruling on Harry's custody dispute is expected in Great Britain

Prince Harry of Great Britain in Dusseldorf. Photo: epa/Christopher Neundorf

LONDON: A ruling is expected on Wednesday (11.30am CET) in the legal dispute between Prince Harry and the British Home Office over the protection of the royal son. The key issue is whether Harry, who lives in the United States, is entitled to the same security precautions as other royals when he visits his old home in Great Britain.

At a hearing in December 2023, the 39-year-old lawyer alleged that the committee responsible for granting less protection to the fifth-in-line to the British throne based its decision on an inadequate security analysis. As a result, Harry's children are not adequately protected in Great Britain. But she wanted Prince Archie (4) and Princess Lilibet (2) to feel as at home there as they did in America. Youngest son of King Charles III. He did not appear in court at the hearing and is not expected to appear for sentencing on Wednesday.

For its part, the British Home Office says Harry will receive appropriate arrangements. Much of the investigation took place behind closed doors as classified information was discussed.

Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan, 42, left the royal family several years ago. One reason is the British tabloid press' treatment of Meghan.

This is one of the cases Harry is fighting in the British courts. These include three lawsuits against publishers for unlawful collection of information. Harry and other celebrities accuse the media of listening to their mailboxes without permission.