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A new highlight is being created on Karlsruhe Square

A new highlight is being created on Karlsruhe Square

Iconic image © istockphoto/Bertwin Menninga

Already in December, a new vantage point will be created in this Karlsruhe square that you should not miss.

Preparations to highlight Karlsruhe’s new arena are well under way. This is the thirteenth time that the event series has started at the exhibition centre. Now we know how to use your location for other purposes.

A new highlight is being created on Karlsruhe Square

Most citizens are probably familiar with the Christmas Circus in Karlsruhe. By the time the first circus tents return to the fairgrounds, many people will begin to look forward to a special series of events. Construction work progressed rapidly on Friday, and one of the landmarks of Karlsruhe’s Christmas season could once again be seen at the entrance to the city.

What follows now is the internal construction of the tents. In addition, the artists who will perform at the Karlsruhe Christmas Circus in the ring will also arrive in the coming days. But before the actual event, two other major events begin. The Modern Church Band will perform a concert at a private location on December 9th. The party starts at 7 p.m. Another highlight is Boxing Night on 16 December. In one evening, there are ten celebrity fights in this tent – a piece of gold for all boxing fans and those who want to become one.

The traditional event begins in Karlsruhe

Then finally on December 21, the first event of the Christmas Circus in Karlsruhe starts in the afternoon at 3pm. The concert’s first show begins at 7:30 p.m. At this point, there are only a few tickets left. The organizers are very satisfied with the advance sales and are looking forward to the concert. There were concerns in advance about whether visitors would still have enough money for this concert due to inflation. But so far at least, pre-sales are well underway, with almost as many tickets said to have been sold as last year.

It is now certain that this circus will be a complete success again this Christmas season. Furthermore, the traditional orchestra from Ukraine will once again provide festive live music. The program is diverse and features many well-known stars and artists. This year, for example, singer Karen McDown is participating.