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3 Tesla Model Y driving from the German Gigafactory on a test track>

A few more days: Then at last — at least from the point of view of the company and many supporters — the last official deadline passed, which still stands in the way of final approval for the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin. Because A combination of changes by Tesla and an official error in the authorities Objections to the German electric car maker’s plans are now being discussed publicly for the third time, the second time in an online process. It ends on Monday, and since all the objections and additions due to redundancy have been known for a long time, things can go quickly after that. Meanwhile, Tesla’s first Model Ys were noticed early this week, driving from the production hall and then onto the test track.

Three Ys models from German factory

He had many full Model Y Tesla is already at the German factory’s Giga-Fest in early October It was introduced, but parts of it were allowed to be produced on site beforehand. For example, for the use of huge casting machines, at that time there were none of the prior permits on which all Tesla’s activities in Grünheide have been based so far. However, at the end of October, the State Environment Agency released another one, which was also used as a test Using these giant pistons and painting 250 car bodies permissible.

That would have been enough for Tesla to produce the first complete cars now. The Model Y from the German Gigafactory may only be sold after final approval, but pre-trial copies are needed anyway. Anyway, this week, a white, then dark and then red Model Y rolled out of the area on the long west side where the entrance to the factory tour was at Giga-Fest in October. If you look closely, this can be seen in a drone video posted by local observer Tobias Lind on Thursday.

Since the video is time-lapsed and was filmed from a distance, Lind specifically noted in the text: “At 5:58 a.m., three Model Y models were rolled out from the factory,” he wrote in YouTube comments. Two minutes later, partially covered by trees, you can also see electric cars doing a few test laps on the paved area at the southwest end of the factory.

The drone observer himself did not want to commit himself on Twitter to the fact that he had already picked up the first fully produced Tesla in Grunheide. He noted that it could also be that the three models that were discovered were only used to calibrate the machines. One commentator wrote, however, that a test drive with him wouldn’t actually be expected.

Tesla CEO wants delivery in 2021

In the video, the main building is still under construction, and the hall, which was started later, is already being built for the production of our batteries. They are still waking up German Gigafactory and staff have been posted there for clarifications Already at the festival in October, the impression that it is not quite finished yet, but is ready at least for partial production. CEO Elon Musk said during his visit there that the first Model Ys should be shipped from the factory before the end of the year if possible and at least 5,000 per week by the end of 2022. That was before news of the recurring online discussion. But at the end of October, Tesla chief financial officer Zach Kirkhorn at least reiterated, The first Model Y will roll off the German production lines in 2021, even if it has not yet been delivered.