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1st place coffee beans: test winners

1st place coffee beans: test winners

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks among Germans. Per capita consumption is 164 liters annually. For many, a hot drink is not just a morning drink, but a kind of morning ritual.

But making perfect coffee requires more than just a coffee maker. The coffee itself is more important, depending on the coffee machine, you can actually use different forms of serving: capsules for capsule machines, powder for filter machines, or whole beans for fully automatic coffee machines.

However, experts tend to recommend whole beans. The reason: This makes it very easy to recognize quality coffee – as long as you know the right tricks and what to look for. Benjamin Groeschel, a qualified barista at Münchner Kaffeerösterei GmbH, shows you tricks on how to identify good coffee beans here in the video. The presentation form in whole grains is not a real alternative for capsule machine owners. However, switching can be beneficial for filtration machines. You must grind the grains yourself before preparing them or grind them with a machine (From only 20 euros on Amazon). You will taste the difference in quality with every cup.

But which pill is best? Experts try to find out through regular tests. Magazines such as Stiftung Warentest or pay more attention to taste and ingredients when evaluating products. At ÖKO-TEST, the focus of the evaluation is on contaminants, how the coffee is produced and how transparent manufacturers are in this regard.

Below we'll show you the winners and losers of espresso beans in the test conducted by Stiftung Warentest, ÖKO-TEST and

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