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The Moore Threads MTT S80 and S70 take a huge leap in performance

The Moore Threads MTT S80 and S70 take a huge leap in performance

When Moore Threads Technology, a Chinese semiconductor manufacturer based in Beijing, released its first gaming graphics card based on its internal MUSA (“Chunxiao”) architecture in November 2022, there was huge interest. By specifically optimizing the graphics driver, GPUs can be significantly accelerated, such as the YouTube channel EG Devices It has been demonstrated with many standards and synthetic games. After more than a year in Chinese circulation, the MTT S80 and S70 have been re-evaluated.

More MTT S80 and S70 topics are increasing significantly

As the Chinese YouTube channel's surveys show, the two Chinese graphics cards Moore Threads MTT S80, which was the first consumer graphics card with a PCIe 5.0 port at the time, and Moore Threads MTT S70 can be used using the latest graphics driver version 240.50. A direct comparison of driver version 211.30 results in Increase performance in games by up to 100 percent. In synthetic benchmarks, the additional performance determined by the latest driver is much higher.

Source: EJ Devices

In addition to the current 3DMark Fire Strike, existing games such as Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Crossfire, Risk of Rain 2, and DOTA 2 were also re-measured and compared to the original scores.

source: EG Devices

source: EG Devices

Although the top model, the Moore Threads MTT S80, lagged behind the Geforce GTX 1030 in initial tests shortly after release, the increase in performance that can be attributed to the driver optimization alone is quite significant. In many games where the graphics card previously displayed just under 10 frames per second, it is now possible to display 20 frames per second.

GTA 5 also runs 20 percent faster

GTA 5 benchmarks recently showed that the Chinese developer is working on the performance of its graphics cards. The long-time favorite from Rockstar Games now runs almost 20 percent faster on the Moore Threads MTT S80 equipped with 4096 MUSA cores and 16 GiBytes when it was released in 2022. The top Chinese model can now compete with the Geforce GTX 1650 benchmark.

More details and interesting details about the standards can be found in an eight-minute YouTube video from EJ Hardware.

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