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Zäuerli and Schuhplattler – Spring concert in Teufen

Zäuerli and Schuhplattler – Spring concert in Teufen

The guests came from Bavaria at the invitation of the Teufen Yodeling Club, whose member Werner Wieser met “D'Rauschberger Zell” many years ago during his vacation in Ruhpolding. Other vacations followed, friendships were made, and the idea of ​​joint performances emerged. After the people of Appenzell had already been to Ruhpolding several times and had been able to perform at major traditional costume festivals, a return visit was long overdue. It had to be canceled in 2020 and 2022 due to the pandemic, but now they have finally arrived and charmed guests in the packed church.

Zäuerli and Bavarian brass music

The performance couldn't be more different. Zäuerli's meditative music, exciting brass music, Appenzell folk songs, Schuhplattler, dances and the wonderful “Goas'lschnoiza” alternate. The audience applauded loudly and some guests wanted to dance themselves. Bayern's program and joie de vivre were infectious and a treat for the eyes and ears. Music and tradition link the Teufen Singing Club with the city of Bavaria, and the combination of two very different musical styles and performances delighted the audience. It was clear that neither Appenzell nor the German guests could leave the stage after an hour and 45 minutes as planned. Half an hour had passed, as the yodelists, singers, schuhplatter, Schnalzer, male and female dancers as well as the brass musicians and hand organists gave it their all once again.