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With HCD in Hoch - Sandro Aeschlimann - a haven of tranquility at Leader Davos - Sport

With HCD in Hoch – Sandro Aeschlimann – a haven of tranquility at Leader Davos – Sport


Sandro Eichlemann is currently the best goalkeeper in the league and is a symbol of Davos’ rise.

Leader for the first time in 6 years, 12 wins from the last 13 games and Tuesday’s first fight against Master Zug in their place: HC Davos is currently running like clockwork.

Sandro Eichlemann is a symbol of the height of Graubünden. The goalkeeper has surpassed the actual number 1 – returning from NHL Jill Sean – and is currently the statistically best goalkeeper in the National League with a defense rate of nearly 96 percent. In the 11 matches in which Eschlemann played this season, he conceded only 14 goals.

Will rather than talent

These are numbers that don’t really matter to Emmentaler: “At the end of the season, no one will ask you what your defense rate is if you don’t become a champion.” Aeschlimann is not yet a champion, but at 26 he is playing better than ever.

After spins across Austria and the USA, Aeschlimann made his National League debut shortly before his 23rd birthday. With him, the will has always been greater than the talent. What may seem disrespectful, Eichlemann himself assured at once: “This is the truth.” His coaches may have attested to his lack of talent thus far. He was not credited with putting the number one goalkeeper in Zug nor at Davos.


There is almost no getting around it

Sandro Eichlemann.

Fresh Fox

Help from mental trainers

Also this season, Aeschlimann was actually intended to only replace Senn. However, since the beginning of October, he has been given preference more and more and restores confidence with a solid performance.

Not least thanks to the mental trainer Eichlemann has been working with since this summer. “It helps me put aside the fear of making mistakes and see the game as training. If you keep it fresh in your mind, the game will be much easier.”

Eichlemann’s next “training” is on Friday. HCD then moves to Ajoie, down the table.