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With a private cabin Markets: Aegean flies on long-haul flights with the Airbus A321 LR

With a private cabin Markets: Aegean flies on long-haul flights with the Airbus A321 LR

The Greek airline is restructuring its A321 Neo order. It initially wants four A321 LR aircraft. Aegean Airlines wants to use it to open new markets – with a more comfortable cabin.

Long-haul flights have not been a concern for Aegean Airlines so far. The Greek airline operates a fleet of Airbus A320, A321, A320 Neo and A321 Neo aircraft. Its Olympic subsidiary also flies regional routes with turboprop engines. But smaller planes can now also do more. More and more airlines are using extended range to serve intercontinental routes.

Aegean Airlines plans to do the same. As announced by the airline, it plans to establish a sub-fleet initially consisting of four Airbus A321 LR aircraft in order to reach further destinations. A “special sub-fleet” will be created, initially consisting of four A321 Neos, which will be equipped with additional fuel tanks. This should be the LR version of the A321. The airline writes that you can complete flights that take about four to 7.5 hours.

Tourists from new markets

This makes it possible to travel to destinations outside the European Union. This means that the Star Alliance member relies mainly on tourists from these markets who want to travel to Greece on vacation. Aegean Sea mentions places in the Gulf region that have already been presented as potential destinations. These include Riyadh, Jeddah and Dubai. It mentioned Bahrain, Doha or Muscat as potential new destinations.

You can also imagine Central Africa and fly to Lagos, Addis Ababa or Nairobi. In Asia, the Greek airline sees potential on routes such as Delhi or Mumbai in India or Almaty in Kazakhstan. Since aircraft with intercontinental cabins and low seat density usually fly on these routes, the equipment of the A321 Neo has also been modified.

Reclining seats in business class

Private jets will provide more comfort in both economy and business class. Seating capacity has dropped from 220 seats in the standard version of Aegean's A321 Neo to less than 180 seats. There will also be in-flight satellite WiFi, in-flight entertainment with screens at every seat and reclining seats in business class.

According to Aegean Airlines, the new aircraft will be delivered in 2026 and 2027. It is part of a current order for about 50 aircraft from the A320 Neo family. There are said to be 29 versions of the A321 Neo, four of which will initially be delivered in the new special configuration.