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Mercedes-Benz recalls 261,000 SUVs

Mercedes-Benz recalls 261,000 SUVs

Photo: Mercedes-Benz Switzerland

Recall at Mercedes-Benz: The GLE and GLS SUV models are affected again. After the vehicle was towed last week due to a potential fire hazard, there is now another reason.

Mercedes-Benz recalled about 261,000 cars around the world due to a software error. GLE and GLS SUV models from 2018 to 2023 are affected, according to a recall posted Wednesday in the Federal Motor Carrier Association (KBA) database. In Germany, approximately 4,400 vehicles were affected.

The recall said that a software error in the transmission control unit could lead to engine failure, increasing the risk of accidents. In response to a question, a spokesman for the car manufacturer in Stuttgart said that the matter had no effect on the car’s steering and braking systems. Mercedes-Benz is not aware of any damage to property or persons in this regard. As a precaution, the software in affected vehicles will be updated.

Just last week, KBA posted a Mercedes recall of approximately 341,000 GLE and GLS models worldwide due to a potential fire hazard. (SDA/AWP/DPA)

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